7 Must-Have Vibrators That Leave Your Hands Free For ~Other Things~

Introducing sex toys into your relationship can be lots of fun, and vibrators particularly solve the pesky problem that many people with vulvas need clitoral stimulation along with penetration to get off. But trying to hold on to a vibrator while having sex with your partner (or hell, even yourself) might not feel like the sexiest thing.
Thanks to sex toy tech, you no longer have to deal with keeping hold of a vibrator while you have sex if you don't want to. There are now several toys available that either insert into someone's vagina (or anus) or sit on top of their clitoris, so that they and their partner can both keep their hands available for lots of other fun activities. Below, we've rounded up some of the best hands-free vibrators out there. Enjoy your freedom.
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Dame Product's Eva was the first hands-free clit vibrator on the market, and Eva 2 is the new-and-improved version. The toy (which looks kind of like a cute alien) sits between one partner's vulva lips, right on top of their clitoris. It buzzes away, giving that partner extra clit stimulation while their S.O. gets to do other things, like penetrate them with a penis, dildo, or fingers.
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This toy might look like any other hand-held rabbit, but what the photo doesn't show is that Fun Factory's Bi Stronic Fusion thrusts all on its own. So you can just place it inside your vagina and let go.
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The Tiani 2 is for couples in which at least one partner has a vagina. The thinner, flatter end of the toy fits inside the vagina and then the longer, fatter end rests on the clit. Hand the remote over to whichever partner isn't wearing the toy and let them control how fast and hard it hums.
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LELO's Tara is similar to the Tiani 2 in that one part of the toy inserts into a vagina and the other part sits outside to vibrate on the vulva. Except, this toy also rotates. The part that fits inside you or your partner's body vibrates and swirls to create "the most luxuriously satisfying shared orgasms ever."
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The Ida is exactly the same as the Tara, except that it comes with a remote control. So you or your partner can control those satisfying rotations from up to 39 feet away.
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LELO's Noa works similarly to the Tiani, with the thin end inserting into a vagina and the thick end vibrating on the clitoris while the second (or third, or fourth...) partner is free to use their hands and ~0ther~ body parts or toys to excite in different ways.
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Butt plugs are always hands-free, but they don't always vibrate. So We-Vibe's Ditto is one you'll want to get your (ahem) hands on.

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