7 Real-Life Hotels That Give Us Serious Wes Anderson Vibes

Wes Anderson may have garnered many awards for his movies, but it's his unique stylistic flair that's made him a pop culture icon. You'll inevitably run into someone dressed as Margot Tenenbaum or Suzy Bishop this Halloween, and the auteur's affinity for blush shades might just have something to do with the rise of millennial pink.
The director's most recent masterpiece, The Grand Budapest Hotel, was similarly influential. The film's aesthetics is said to have been a source of inspiration for Gucci's Fall 2015 collection. Unfortunately, those hoping to experience the palatial hotel IRL will be disappointed: Filming actually took place in the long-abandoned department store Kaufhaus zum Straussen and not an actual hotel — despite what this prank review page on TripAdvisor would have you believe.
Luckily, there are quite a number of lookalikes that feel pretty close to the original. Some discerning Reddit users have curated a number of majestic buildings that reminded them of the film set and shared them under the subreddit AccidentalWesAnderson. Click through to take a vicarious trip to seven far-flung hotels with pastel exteriors, whimsical decor, and near-perfect symmetry.

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