Kind Of Genius Or Is It Just Us? Galoshes For Your Heels

While we otherwise eye roll at gimmicky fashion items that seem to solve all our problems — Pajama Jeans, 'nough said — we halted at a little possible fashion savior called Grace Carter. Like those flimsy over-the-shoe galoshes we remember hiding in our dads' closets, these wannabe booties serve the same purpose. Yes, they're galoshes for your stilettos…because last time we checked suede pumps are not waterproof.
The premise of the product is quite simple. It's a faux bootie cover in a flat, a heel, and yes ladies, even leopard that zips over your non-weather-resistant shoes. Wear the sleeve while you're outside and then slip them off when you arrive at your destination. While we're not completely sold on the idea just yet — where do we put the slush-covered slip-ons once we're inside? In our party clutch?! — we must admit we're pretty impressed by the practical solution that never forces us to style pencil skirts with wellies ever again.
Check out the so-crazy-it-might-just-work product in action below, and let us know if you think they're kind of brilliant or more "thanks, but no thanks."

Photo: Courtesy of Grace Carter

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