Where Fashion Girls Are Getting Those Retro Sunglasses (On The Cheap!)

One of the worst Instagram scenarios is stumbling across someone's outfit you absolutely love, only to realize they didn't credit any of the pieces they're wearing. Every night this week, that's exactly what's happened to me. I've scrolled past an array of It Girls wearing those perfect Kurt Cobain-inspired sunglasses and (unfortunately) found that they're either vintage or from a secret shopping destination said It Girl just isn't ready to reveal. Lucky for us, that search is finally over: We've uncovered a hub of affordable retro-inspired shades and we just can't keep it to ourselves.

Giant Vintage
is, indeed, a never-ending collection of bug-eyes, cat-eyes, and every shape in-between. Whether you've been combing the internet for clear aviators or haven't found that perfect pair of tinted lenses yet, Giant is sure to come through. Here's what we love: Most of the frames cost no more than $30; you can shop by decade, silhouette, or by top sellers; and the site uses real people as models. That way, you can get an accurate feel for how the sunglasses actually look on someone's face.
Sure, the quality may not be let you keep these frames for the rest of your life, but for stocking up on of-the-moment shades, we're willing to let that slide (especially since Giant has tons of styles we haven't been able to find anywhere else).
Click on to shop the pairs we're currently eyeing.

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