These Foundations Will Be Your Dry Skin Savior

If you mist your face approximately six times before lunch, swear by nightly sheet masks, and layer different serums daily (like Martha Stewart), you probably have dry skin. But why stop at your skin-care routine?
If you're rocking a foundation that's ultra-matte and leaves you with dry patches, you're kind of defeating the whole purpose of your ultra-hydrating skin-care routine. After all, what's the point in diligently keeping your skin moisturized if you cover it with drying makeup each morning? The answer to this piece of the skin puzzle, whether you suffer from parched skin or dry skin, is opting for hydrating face makeup.
Ahead, you'll find a few of our favorite hydrating foundations in every finish you could want, from radiant to dewy — and even matte that won't totally zap you of moisture. Dry skin has nothing on these skin saviors.