10 Maxi-Dresses For A Seamless Summer-To-Fall Style Transition

The tricky transitional period between the end of summer and the beginning of fall is one of the hardest things to dress for. Standing in front of our closet deciding what to wear is taking longer than it should, and we immediately end up regretting our decisions once we leave our cribs. That's why, instead of going back and forth between a skirt or jeans, we're going with one of our go-tos: the maxi-dress. And, we've got our eyes on these 10 perfect picks from Forever 21.
The maxi-dress is basically a two-for-one deal. It can be worn solo for when Mother Nature is playing nice or layered underneath a sweater for the cooler temps. Ahead, you'll find everything from a striped three-quarter sleeve pick to a printed drop-waist number — trust, these babies will be the perfect answer to, "Okay, now what should I wear today?"