Our Fall Suiting Guide For Boss Ladies

As much as we'd like to think our work wardrobes should only include pretty dresses, snuggly sweaters, and sparkly shoes, the reality is a lot more buttoned-up. In fact, even here at R29, we've got to pull out our suits every once in a while.
While there's nothing more obviously tragic than an ill-fitting suit, there's also nothing more polished than one that…well, suits you. Regardless of your spending status, what's most important is that the suit looks like it was tailored to fit you and only you (yup, we mean taking it to an actual tailor!). Moreover, quality suits can get pretty expensive, so choose wisely before you lay down your cash. Whether your suit collection is looking for an upgrade or a new launching pad, we're ready to get down to business—here are the most stylish women's suits for fall.
Photo: Via J.Crew

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