16 So-Easy Dresses For Every Fall Day

We like to think we'll use our time productively each morning — maybe blowing out our hair or polishing our nails, and then perusing the day's New York Times while sipping leisurely on our freshly brewed cup of joe. In reality, we're lucky if we put on matching socks and have time to scarf down a bowl of cereal. Let's face it: The clock isn't our friend in those wee hours before work. So, a low-maintenance solution is key to getting out the door lickety-split.
That's why we're thankful that there's nothing more one-and-done than a dress. Make it a shirtdress, and you've got all the polish of a button-down without having to find a bottom. Add a sleek pair of ankle boots, and you're ready for the day. Ahead, we chose 16 versatile options to get you going — quicker.