12 Fall Nail Art Trends To Try This Weekend

Photo: Georgie Hunter/Getty Images.
Maybe you're in the thick of college midterms or clocking insane hours at the office to finish Q4 on a high note — whatever the reason you're currently gnawing on your cuticles, a fresh manicure will definitely take the edge off.
And since you're already seeing red just thinking about everything you have to get done before Halloween, there's no reason to spend any more time staring at the salon wall agonizing over a color decision. Instead, we asked Ophira & Tali Edut, the famous AstroTwins, to match the 12 raddest nail art trends for fall to each astrological sign.
From marbled nails to modern half moons, there's nail art inspiration for every star sign — plus sage advice for dealing with October's wacky retrogrades — ahead.
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