Short, Glossy Nails Are This Fall’s Chicest Accessory

Raise your hand if you've apologized to your manicurist for your super-short nails. Now why do we do that? Long, stiletto tips might get all the love — and they are badass — but short nails are cute in their own right. Plus, they'll never annoy the hell out of you when you're clicking away on your keyboard, trying to remove your contact lenses, or opening a can of La Croix.
According to the pros, the trick to making short nails feel more glamorous is to make them look purposeful by keeping them clean, smooth, and shaped. "The most important part of ensuring your nails look great at any length is taking good care of your hands," Megan Richardson and Gretchen Tiernan, owners of Sand Spa, explain. "Short nails look best when your cuticles are pushed back and you can see your half moons."
Groomed, short nails might allow for a more practical morning, but that's not to say you can't fake the look of more length — manicurists can even paint them in ways that give the illusion of a longer nail bed. As famed nail artist Miss Pop tells us, "Nail art is not long-nail exclusive. If you’re a nail biter, just focus the attention not on the tip, but down to the cuticle."
Whether you're after the chic look, or just want to rest your nails between gel extensions, we've rounded up the coolest manis to copy now, no long-term growth plan required.

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