Mind Your Manners At The Nail Salon

Illustrated by Louisa Canell.
The mani-pedi experience is supposed to be an enjoyable one. Whether you're flying solo or rolling deep, your only goal is to be taken care of and emerge just a bit more put-together and relaxed. But, because the whole thing involves the action of handing over money in exchange for being touched by a virtual stranger, it can be fraught with uncomfortable moments — both for you and your technician.
Of course, you expect a certain level of professionalism and respect from nail technicians, which you should obviously return because you're not a ruthless dictator. Few people would want to be known as difficult (or some other, less polite descriptive term). But understanding what's polite when it comes to tipping, requesting post-pedi smudge interventions, and conducting in-chair phone chats is murky territory.
To quell those feelings of panic that may be bubbling up as you walk through the salon doors, we went ahead and asked those awkward questions for you. Assuming you’re satisfied with the level of service you receive, simply follow this advice from top nail-salon technicians and avoid being an (accidental) asshole when you go for your next nail treatment.

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