The Raddest Fall Haircuts Coming Out Of L.A.'s Coolest Salons

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It's strange how fast late fall creeps up on us. One day you're enjoying the September breeze, sipping some still seasonally appropriate rosé, and the next thing you know it's Wednesday night, you're sitting at an Italian restaurant with your friends and a glass of red wine and you suddenly realize, winter's essentially here.
Whatever your trigger, you'll soon lean into the fact that it's now mid-November, but that doesn't have to bum you out. Instead of rejecting the seasonal shift, embrace it by treating yourself to something you love — like a haircut — because tossing a fresh, new chop over your shoulder will make the impending windchill a bit more bearable.
Unsure of what you're looking for? We checked in with some of the most in-the-know L.A. stylists to get the full run down on the best, most-stylist looks to ask for this season. Whether you want to update your effortless, subtly-textured lob or you're curious about a the latest bang trend, you'll find your foolproof guide to a killer cut, ahead.
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Heavy Bangs

Hannah Burdy of L.A.'s Mèche Salon tells us that blunt bangs have been trending as of late; the key is to style them with a little texture. "If you're itching for a change — but don't want to lose a lot of length from your ends — add full bangs to change it up," Burdy recommends.
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This cut looks amazing on curly hair, because the cool-girl texture element is already built in with your natural curls. Just be sure to have your stylist trim them while dry, just at or above the eyebrows.
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Full fringe bangs like these frame the face, giving instant dimension to a longer cut.
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The Modern Mullet With Baby Bangs

Sal Salcedo of Nova Arts Salon is loving this baby bang pixie cut, which is a modern take on the old-school feathered mullet. "This cut is for the daring woman who doesn’t conform with the beauty standard in recent years," he says. It's shaggy with loose mullet inspiration, but when styled smooth, it frames the face in a way that's more Parisian chic than rock 'n' roll.
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Who ever said that the mullet wasn't cool? This pastel pink adaptation is all kinds of badass.
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Salcedo tells us that the cut looks incredible if you have a long, oval face. The styling variations will depend on your hair texture and bang preference. "You can play with the length and the choppiness of the bangs," says Salcedo.
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Blunt, Shoulder-Length Lob

Lisa Satorn, stylist at L.A.'s Nine Zero One Salon, tells us that the long bob is her most popular cut — and one that she thinks will stay a signature L.A. look through the fall. "Fashion girls like Anine Bing and Victoria Beckham are wearing this cut, which is one of the reasons people look to copy it," explains Satorn. "The cut is sophisticated, stylish, and offers body when styling, depending on your texture preference. The key is customizing the finish to your unique face structure." Our recommendation? Bring ample photo inspiration to show your stylist what you're looking for, then work together to make the cut unique to your hair texture and face shape.
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Stylist Brianna Colette of the same L.A. salon says the lob can work as the perfect transitional cut if your long hair is feeling fried from the wear and tear of summer.
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The lob is traditionally a blunt cut with limited layers, so you can wear it in many different ways. We're partial to this effortless style created by Salcedo, which got added texture thanks to subtle, messy bends.
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A Collarbone Length With Square Layers

Want to rock your natural coils, curls, or waves through fall? Salcedo recommends a chop that falls just at the shoulder with "squared-off layers," a buzzy term that means the layers are cut uniformly all the way around. As opposed to gradual, internal layers, square layers are perfect for an easy, wash 'n go style with a touch of that fun, '70s disco vibe. Pro tip: Make sure your stylist cuts your hair dry (which is especially important for curls, Salcedo reminds) so the chop is bespoke to how your unique textures dries.
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You can get creative with the length that your layers fall, depending on the fullness of your curls. Or, for something foolproof, a fringe that lands at the highpoint of your cheekbone — as seen here — looks incredible no matter your hair type.
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Longer, square layers pull the hair down a bit more, giving the style more length and a little less fullness, while still maintaining that gorgeous shape.
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The Undercut

You've seen the undercut before — it isn't new — but artists like Salcedo are buzzing smaller sections, giving the look a more delicate feel. He calls them "buzzed sideburns" to note the restraint in how much hair to remove. The smaller undercut is perfect for the person that wants more edge to their style without compromising length with a pixie or a bob, he explains. "You can keep your hair as long as you want, and the shape of the buzzed sideburns is still a little surprise that you can hide or flaunt as you wish. A little flirty tuck behind the ear and there it is."
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Want to go a little bigger? Salcedo says the angled undercut is a great way to bring emphasis to the cheekbones, as seen here.
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To style, Salcedo recommends squeezing your favorite volumizing product into your hands and pinching it through your hair to get your desired curl and texture alongside the buzzed section.
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The '90s Bob

Another cut that L.A. girls are loving right now is the sleek, short bob that falls between the cheekbone and the chin. It has a retro feel, but you can make the finish of-the-moment by adding a glossy glass sleekness over top, or amping up the texture with a parallel undercut.
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A cheekbone-skimming chop adds drama in a way that's still elegant and is great for beefing up the look of fine or thin strands. A little cold brew color infusion through the shafts also helps make the style stunningly strong.
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Center-Parted Curtian Bangs

We've long-loved a good curtain fringe and according to hairstylist Hannah Burdy of L.A.'s Meché Salon, it's going to be a fall hair staple. "If you're itching for a change, but don't want to lose your length, a bang is a great way to change up your look," Burdy explains. A layered fringe has a cool, Farrah Fawcett vibe, but can be styled pin-straight with softly swooped-out ends for a more modern take.
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A curtain bang needn't be dramatic. If you keep the fringe on the longer side, you can tuck it behind your ears, or play it up with a messy, undone style.
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A curtain fringe has more emphasis when cut into shorter hair. Here, you can see how the soft, but standout bang adds a delicate frame to bold eyebrows and flushed cheeks.
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Long, Internal Layers

"The lion's mane," as Salcedo calls it, this style is all about amping up the texture and volume on long hair. "We love long hair for fall," says Salcedo. "But in order to keep it from being boring, and falling too flat, you need to add texture. The layers should be cut long, but the key is to internally layer the cut, which creates all the gorgeous volume and movement."
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Ask your stylist to start your layers down a bit further if you prefer your 'do smoother on top, which will focus the body and volume towards the ends.
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Adding a blunt, baby bang allows you to have long length but still keep all the attention on your face.

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