Our Fashion Crystal Ball Has Predicted These 7 Denim Trends For 2019

Jeans are without a doubt the backbone of our wardrobes. Winter, spring, summer or fall, they're probably the only clothing item we refuse to let go. But over the last few years, we’ve seen the denim front take a turn toward the stale. Skinny jeans continue to be manufactured despite our pleas to let them go. Brands are insistent on designing their own version of vintage 501’s without prevail. Is it too much to ask for jeans that are really, truly new looking?
Apparently not. Our fashion clairvoyant (a.k.a me, scraping through hundreds of photos from the fall/winter '18 runways) has predicted these seven trends for the new year ahead. And my crystal ball (the Internet) shows that we'll be sporting more leg, buttoning more buttons, and sneaking our way into zebra print all year long. So, before you fall victim to another year of faded skinny jeans and ill-fitting Levi-lookalikes, here's everything you need to get in on all this new denim.
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Button-Up, Buttercup
Buttons are the name of the game this year, and the more, the merrier. Hey, we're down for anything that keeps us from accidentally having an exposed fly post-bathroom break.
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Show A Little Leg
Don't be afraid to bare a little leg this fall. Pick up a pair of snap-button jeans or cut-out flares for some extra edge.
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Seeing Double
The Frankenstein trend is back, but it's more refined than its patchwork predecessor. Instead of choosing between light or dark wash denim, the two-tone trend lets you have the best of both worlds.
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Welcome To The Jungle
Animal prints are everywhere, and it looks like denim finally caught the bug. While classics like leopard and cheetah will be heavy hitters this season, keep an eye out for zebra stripes to make an even bigger statement.
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Bored of Blue
Colored denim has been on our radar for sometime now, so why not swap out those baby blues for a hue that'll inject a little life into your 2019 ensemble?
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Put-In-Work Pants
These utilitarian, Carhartt-esque jeans may not come with the job, but they'll definitely make you look like you can get the job done. *Strong arm emoji*
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Photo Courtesy of Carhartt.
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JNCO's Chic Cousin
If we could marry wide-leg pants, we would in a heartbeat. Until then, we'll settle for wearing them every day of the season.
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