30 Things You Need To Survive A Blizzard

January may be wrapping up, but it's certainly not warming up. Mother Nature still has plenty of steam — or, rather, sub-zero-degree air blasts — left. Our fellow Northeast dwellers know what we're talking about: cold fronts, blizzards, and ice storms galore. You surely have a coat and a pair of boots at the ready, but will they actually cut it in these vortex climes? (Remember how ill-prepared you were last year?) Just in case, we rounded up 30 cold-weather musts to combat anything that's blowing our way on the weather map. Bring it on.
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Pull this down past your eyebrows when you can't feel your face.
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Stomp through any conditions with these waterproof and insulated boots.
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Faux fur is inherently warm; layer a down jacket underneath, and it's even toastier.
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If you're really looking to splurge, these Balenciaga gloves are practical and incredibly stylish. You may just leave them on all day — extra helpful when your office feels like an icebox.
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Featuring super-charged wool for extreme warmth, these pants pair well underneath your trousers and block out the chill.
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Wool socks sure beat flimsy cotton styles this time of year.
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It's next to impossible to get through winter without one of these.
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A regular hat won't work; you need a full-on furry trapper that covers your entire head and ears.
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If you're more of a sneakerhead than a boot girl, opt for a waterproof sneakerboot with the functions of high-performance winter footwear.
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How could you possibly get through the season without a super-chunky, oversized knit?
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These insulated mittens keep your hands extra-toasty.
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The merino wool regulates your body temperature and the warmth-to-weight ratio keeps you comfortable.
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Sometimes, jeans just don't cut it in the dead of winter. Wool pants — try a wide-legged style so you can layer long johns underneath — are a much smarter idea.
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If you're forced to go somewhere fancy, go for a wool duster that can layer over a lighter jacket if necessary.
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For those of you who are forced to leave the house when it's below 40 degrees — ain't nothing stopping you with this on.
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Replace your regular inserts with these sheepskin ones for added warmth.
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A furry snood is a must outdoors — and it adds a sophisticated finishing touch to your indoor-sweater game, too.
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How can you go wrong with cashmere mittens?
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A faux-fur vest adds an easy layer underneath a jacket.
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Lined in black fleece, these leggings are meant for the slopes — but they're crucial for sub-zero commutes, too.
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The ultimate down-filled coat to combat any temperature. Its special finish sheds snow and moisture, too.
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If your ears tend to freeze, wear a headband and a beanie.
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You can still be fancy while stomping through snow.
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Layer a slim (and thumb-holed) turtleneck under anything.
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Don't just double up your socks; double up with a sock liner that's meant to regulate heat.
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In case you need just a little extra insulation.
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Layer under a tank, a T-shirt, or a button-down, and you're set for casual Friday.
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This topper adds polish to your ensemble; you can layer it under as many puffers and jackets as you want.
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Wrap this oversized scarf multiple times to block out the wind.
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Whether you're spending the blizzard at work, at home, or throwing snowballs in the park — this is your jam.

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