Satiate Your Appetite For Romance With These 9 Edible Massage Oils

If you're the kind of person who loves a long, luxurious massage at your partner's hand as part of your foreplay routine, then you likely have a go-to massage oil (either in liquid or candle form). But most massage products on the market are not suitable for ingesting (and can be, in fact, dangerous to eat). So, before things can advance post-massage, you'll require a quick wipe-down. And has there ever been a less sexy word than "wipe?" Don't worry — we have the perfect solution to keep the mood going, no wipes about it.
It's time to learn about edible massage oils. Yes, they're real. Yes, you need some. Edible massage oils are perfect for someone who wants to incorporate licking, kissing, and sucking into their massage time (because what's a sexy massage without any tongue action?). Because while aromatherapy and essential oils smell delicious, they're not meant for digesting, making an upset stomach likely. Steer clear any kind of unwanted interruption with a delicious, edible massage oil, so you can transition from sexy massage into sex seamlessly.
Just remember that massage oils are oil-based, which means they're not safe to use with condoms — so maybe invest in some flavored condoms or lubes if you want to keep the sexual meal going. Ahead, treat your tastebuds to the nine best edible massage oils (that are also delicious, according to satiated reviewers). So when you say to your partner, "I want you for dessert," you can mean it, literally.
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