7 Tasty Massage Oils That'll Make Your Night Extra Sexy

If you're the kind of person who loves a long, luxurious massage at your partner's hand, then you likely have a go-to massage oil (either in liquid or candle form). But is your massage oil edible? Is it tasty?
Many of the oils people use to rub their partners down after a long day aren't anything you'd want to put in your mouth, so they're for massaging and massaging alone. But there's a whole other class of massage oils that are specifically edible. With a lick here and a kiss there, you're sexy massage can quickly turn into hot foreplay or oral sex.
We've rounded up several edible massage oils that have great reviews. Give them a try next time you and your partner are planning a night in. Just remember that oil breaks down most condoms. So if you're planning to move from massage to penetrative sex (and are using condoms), make sure to wipe everything down first.

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