Beyond The Ear Cuff: The New Gen Of Cool Earrings

It's one thing to wear a black T-shirt and jeans, but throw on an ear cuff, and suddenly you have an outfit. These may have already been our favorite ensemble-making accessories in 2014, but there are some new styles on the market worthy of wearing in the new year. Enter the ear pin, single earring, and mix-and-match earrings. All of these subtle iterations on the beloved ear cuff complete a look in an unexpected, cool way. Just in case you've never heard of some of these new ear inventions, we've put together the yearbook for the class of 2015. Click through to take a look at the next-gen ear swag and forever feel fully dressed.
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Ear Pin
Pink makes the otherwise edgy piece look pretty, too.
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Three is a charm!
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Pearls might be classic, but the black diamonds kick these up to cool.
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The perfect going-out piece.
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A great everyday option.
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Single Earring
Givenchy does the single earring well with this front-to-back style.
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Want to dress up your look? Opt for something other than a stud when you're going solo.
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We'll take this kind of cloud any day.
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Pretty sure this is the only earring we'll ever need.
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Simplicity is key.
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Mix & Match
River Island's earring set has a combo for every occasion.
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The ear pin is back! This time with some friendly studs to dress up your other lobe.
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With this pack, you never have to wear the same set of earrings twice.
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Shine bright with this mismatched pair.
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These slightly different studs bring a smile to our face (and ears).

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