The New (Prettier!) Way To Do Double Denim

It was a dark time. A confusing time. A time when pairing two denim pieces together felt abjectly wrong. When a chambray top could only go with a printed bottom, and there was no way you were going to wear your Levi's jean jacket with your skinnies (unless they were black, but even then you hesitated). Then, the clouds parted, enlightenment spread, and we were executing all-denim outfits like it was nothing. Shirts, jeans, jackets, vests, skirts, and button-downs all got mixed up in beautiful, blue duos — with the one caveat that we weren't matching our fades too closely.
As with any movement, things change. These days, double denim ditches the whole yin-and-yang vibe with purposefully coordinated tops and bottoms. Featuring full skirts, high-waisted pants, crop tops, and shirts coming in deeply saturated hues, these combinations feel more like a take on '50s-style sets than the tomboyish take from seasons past. This time around, match your washes, strike a sleek silhouette, and try to go for a pieced-together jumpsuit or dress look. Your new double-denim modus operandi is right this way.

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