20 Scrunchies To Pull Your Hair Back With

The concept of scrunchies tickles me: repurposed, elastic scraps of fabric that are transformed into a cute little fastener for your updo. They're a teeny-tiny accessory that has been the subject of many dinner convo debates. But now that we’ve moved past the “omg scrunchies are back?!” stage in the life cycle of fashion trends, we can enjoy them without the nostalgic connotations. Scrunchies are evolving and growing up a little bit, with small details like a bow and various embellishments. The mission is the same as it was in the '90s, though: jazz up your hair while pilin' on the colors and textures.
Due to the wide variety of options, choosing just one scrunchie to buy can be tough. Luckily, however, many come in 3, 5, even 26 packs (bless you Amazon). The benefits go beyond just keeping your ponytail bright, too: scrunchies are gentle on your hair, and help prevent any snagging or pulling. With barrettes also stepping in the spotlight, we're envisioning our hair as the new hand when it comes to accessorizing potential.
See the 20 scrunchies we're decorating our updos with ahead.

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