5 Unexpected Office Outfit Ideas To Copy From Instagram

While it is possible to bring your off-duty style into the workplace, it can be tricky. First, you need to account for the office environment. At a more conservative company, silhouettes stay within a clearly outlined dress code; at a startup, jeans and open-toe booties are not only accepted, but encouraged. Then, you factor in the A.C. level at your cubicle, whether you have any after-hours commitments, and how long the walk is from the subway to your apartment. This is where Instagram's best-dressed swoop in to help you plan your #OOTD: 9-to-5 edition.
When you're spending so much of your week in one place, you should take advantage of it. We found five Instagram-approved outfits that blend style with workplace-friendly attire. After all, those eight hours on your timesheet don't have to be a mandatory style break.