Hey, Baby! 30 Next-Level Cute Items For Stylish Tots

What do M&Ms, Goldendoodles, Celine's luggage tote bag, and iPads have in common? They all have a mini version. Why? Well, to state the obvious, itty-bitty things tend to be very, very cute. And, chances are, whether it's a box of Altoids or a handbag, there's definitely something in your life that you prefer to have in miniature form.
Lately, for us, that thing has been baby clothes. No, we don't mean mini-dresses or tiny, cropped sweaters — we're talking about clothing that's for children and infants. And, we know we're not alone here. It seems like no matter what part of town you're in, Los Angeles is filled to the brim with super-adorable kiddie clothing.
Ahead, we've rounded up the 30 of the most adorable items from L.A.'s best kidswear designers. Regardless of whether you have a kid, know a kid, are related to a kid, or are just looking for a gift for an upcoming baby shower, these local designers are where it's at in the baby world. So, click through, buy your favorite pieces, or just go ahead and start a Pinterest board devoted to all of the imaginary future babies you can't wait to dress up.