15 Crystals You Don’t Know About — & What They Mean

Not to get all Spencer Pratt on you, but crystals, man — they're having a moment in the jewelry world. Whether you believe in their supernatural properties or are just into how color-soaked these stones are, getting into crystals is as fun as learning about your horoscope. Not that you should plan your big life decisions on whether or not you've been sleeping with a quartz under your pillow — but it's a subject you can have a lot of fun getting sucked into. All you need is an open mind — and a penchant for pretty, sparkly things doesn't hurt, either.
To get a solid introduction to all things crystal, we tapped Gia Bahm, the designer behind Unearthen, as well as jewelry designers Jacqui Aiche and Melissa Joy Manning, to give us the 411 on the top 15 different types of gems you'll encounter. Whether you choose yours for protection, healing, attraction, or its sparkle factor, it's a good time to learn about what juju these stones supposedly can pass along to you.

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