Your Favorite Crayon Company Now Makes Your New Favorite Makeup

Cornflower, wisteria, "piggy" pink: Some of our all-time favorite colors can be plucked straight from a 64-color box of Crayola crayons. Even as kids, we saw the potential for some pretty killer makeup inside those colorful cartons. (Who among us didn’t aspire to one day master an acid-bright eyeshadow look with the waxy sticks?) Now, with its exclusive launch of Crayola Beauty, Asos is helping us realize a childhood dream of creating Crayola-hued makeup looks, without having to grind paraffin into our skin.
Launching today, June 4, the comprehensive 58-piece collection of vivid face crayons, color-changing lipsticks, beaming highlighters, and more is rendered in classic Crayola shades like cerulean, periwinkle, and steel blue. And what's more, the collection actually outpaces our pre-K fantasy by offering not 64, but an astounding 95 shades that — bonus! — are vegan and cruelty-free. Makeup sticks are made to resemble the classic crayons, while compacts are adorned with the Crayola logo and that unmistakable squiggly line ripped right from the crayons' paper wrapping.
With 24 face crayons, 12 lip and cheek colors, five eyeshadow palettes, three mascaras, and more, there’s certainly no shortage of color to play with. But if we’ve learned anything from our time filling coloring books, it’s going to be pretty tough to pick just one. Thankfully, the creators of the collection thought of that, too: 21 face-crayon shades come packed in boxes of three, and with prices starting at $14, we can splurge on more than a few. Call dibs on your favorite shades, ahead, and whatever you do, don’t stay within the lines.

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