The Most Visually Pleasing Gift Guide You'll Ever See

For those who dress in Technicolor fanfare, 2015 was a pretty solid year of unexpected palettes and trendy colorways: The strong return of muted '70s-inspired earth tones was a comeback to remember, a wash of cosmic silver took over every shoe and bag silhouette, and baby pink was a surprising sleeper runaway hit for both girly girls and tomboys alike.

So even if you’re the type of fashion girl whose wardrobe is limited to a tight spectrum of gray, white, and black (you know who you are), the biggest color trends of the past year are worth some experimentation. And what better time than the holidays to give (or get) the gift of a brighter wardrobe in the form of reds, mustards, indigos, gunmetals, and blushes? These five hues (and the 30 gifts ahead) will usher you straight into 2016. Thinking of toning things down in the new year? Think again.

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