Coach’s New Sunnies Give Us A Welcome Dose Of Nostalgia

There can be a, generally speaking, yikes feeling associated with what we wore in high school. You know, that phase where you donned ironic (but in retrospect not all that funny) tees, brand names displayed across your butt, and jeans so low you couldn’t help but waddle and hike them up every few minutes. Such is the reality for many millennials. But hold on before you insist you'll never touch aughts trends again, because Coach is welcoming some back — ones that are much easier to slip back into than those low-riders, that is.
With its latest collection of sunglasses, the iconic American brand is sparking our nostalgia oh-so subtly via styles that are a bit oversized and a bit ombré. They're neither the pop-star pieces of yesteryear nor too simplified to recognize. Instead, these sunnies offer up some everyday statement-making charm via bright colors and gradient lenses. Click on for our favorites from Coach's latest offering; we're confident they won't conjure up those "what was I thinking?" vibes.