This Insta-Account Will Make The Thigh Gap A Thing Of The Past

How do you feel about your legs?

Stacey Baker, a photo editor at The New York Times, considers hers curvy...and they've been a constant source of anxiety and insecurity. "We want something we don't have — to be taller, have larger breasts or smaller breasts," she tells Refinery29. "I always wanted longer legs. I've always paid attention to and noted legs."

Over the last three years, Baker has been trekking through New York City — and traveling the world — taking pictures of women from the waist down for her personal project, Citi Legs. The result? More than 1,000 photos of legs large, small, thin, tall, brown, white, panted, skirted, and everything in between that have not only gone viral via her Instagram feed, @stace_a_lace (in the fall, they'll also be pared down and released in a book called Legs), but also helped her combat her own self-doubt.

Ahead, Baker opens up about her body-positive (and quite beautiful) series. Forget the thigh gap: The latest in leg trends is all about embracing yourself exactly as you are.

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