Christmas Instagram Inspiration From The Celebrities We Envy All Year Long

Photographed by Beth Sacca.
At Christmas, the pressure is on to post the perfect photos and accompanying captions on social media. After all, you’re competing with everyone else out there who are sharing pics of their Kris Jenner-level Christmas decorations and Luna Legend-level cute kids.
You've got one problem, though: Now that it's time to craft the perfect Instagram captions, your inspirational tank is running on empty. Perhaps you spent your last ounce of holiday-season creativity finding the perfect present for your niece, or on decorating the office potluck table. You forgot to leave something over for this very important task.
Sorry, we can't make these choices for you, nor can we hire the Jenner decorating pros. But we can help provide some starting points for those captions, based on some of our favorite celebrity Instagram posts from Christmases past. There's quite a variety to choose from — heartwarming and meaningful, sarcastic, silly, envy-inducing, sexy, self-deprecating, and showy.
You could copy these word-for-word to add to your own photos (it's not cool to plagiarize, but no one's copyrighting their social media posts — yet). How about adding just a little something to make them your own instead? You know you've got it in you!

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