The One Beauty Product Chrissy Teigen & Her Daughter Luna Both Love

Photo: Courtesy of Becca Cosmetics.
Whoever says business and pleasure don't mix clearly doesn't know what people like Chrissy Teigen are capable of cooking up. The television host has built a business around her love for food that includes two cookbooksCravings and Cravings: Hungry For More — and a cookware line for Target. And her newest culinary project takes it to a level that celebrity chefs like Gordon Ramsay and Bobby Flay have never reached.
Teigen has collaborated with Becca Cosmetics for a third time to release a holiday collection that's inspired by the cinnamon desserts in her new cookbook. And each piece in the collection has a recipe included on the packaging.
While her makeup expertise comes from years of modeling, the mom-of-two has her kids to thank for her expertise in sweets. "I have this history of not being the greatest with desserts. The first cookbook didn't even have desserts," she tells Refinery29 in a phone interview. "But being pregnant with Luna and then having little baby Miles completely changed my palette. I fell in love with sweets, and I started cruising L.A. for delicious, simple desserts. I was on a mission for donuts, churros, and really sugary things."
Sugar is at the center of the Becca x Chrissy Cravings collection. There are two kits: The Glow Kitchen Kit, which includes a liquid lipstick, an eyeshadow-highlighter duo, and an individual highlighter, and the Lip Icing Glow Gloss Kit, a set of four vanilla-scented lip glosses in different holiday-ready shades.
Of all the products in her new collection, her daughter Luna is most likely to favor the lip glosses, because at the age of two, she is already falling in love with beauty products. "I grew up being completely obsessed with lip balm, and now Luna is, too," she says. "It's funny to see Luna as she puts lip balm all over her face. She just coats her entire face in lip gloss and lip balm. I think it's cool that she's curious and has fun putting lip gloss on all day."
With mommy duties, like wiping lip balm off Luna's face, Teigen admits she has less time to worry about her skin-care routine and indulge in treatments like facials. "I don't have the time now to go lie down somewhere once a week," she says. "But because you have two beautiful beings running around, you quickly stop caring about all the skin changes that happen."
Now that doesn't mean she's ignoring her skin entirely; she's just simplified things a bit. She relies on products like the iS Clinical Moisturizing Complex and the Retinol Reform by her facialist Shani Darden, a product she labels a game-changer. "It's not too harsh for my skin, and it makes my skin feel baby soft," she says of the nighttime retinol. "There's no redness or ultra-sensitivity."
While she might not be taking the time to get facials anymore, Teigen does make sure to take a break from social media. One of her most popular titles, the Queen of Twitter, was earned from her quirky responses and fearlessness when it comes to putting people in their place. And while her comebacks might make it look like she doesn't care what anyone says about her, she admits it's quite the opposite. "The [comments] do get to me," she says. "It all has to do with the mood that I am in. If I wake up one morning and I'm tired or cranky, then I'm pretty affected by what they say." And when the comments do get to be too much, Teigen leans into her active schedule. "When you're happy and you're busy, it's definitely a lot easier to not care."
Busy is the perfect word to describe Teigen's life as a mom, author, television personality, and entrepreneur. So what's next? She says to expect more cookbooks, home collections, and makeup. But more surprisingly, she hopes to one day do a voice-over in an animated film. "I'd love to take Luna to watch a movie where mommy is a character. I think that would be really incredible," she says. "So, I am manifesting that." Pixar, what's good?
The Becca x Chrissy Cravings collection — which includes the Lip Icing Glow Gloss Kit ($29) and Glow Kitchen Kit ($44) will be available October 20 on

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