Ballet Flats That Are Cute, Commute-Friendly, And $28? Yes, Please!

Don't get us wrong — we love a great pair of heels, ankle booties, killer wedges, and tall boots just as much as the next girl (maybe a little more). But lately, we've been craving certifiably chic flat shoes that we can wear with everything.
You can chalk that up practicality or laziness, but we love having some go-to pieces that don't require much planning to pull off. Case in point: These Savana flats from Qupid, with the so-on-point metallic toe, rich red velvet finish, and timeless silhouette. We're already mentally mixing them with skinny trousers, cuffed jeans, tights and skirts. The possibilities are endless....
Qupid Savana Flats, $28, available at Frock Candy.
Photo: Courtesy of Frock Candy

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