The Broke Girl’s Guide To Fall Shopping

There's little that will put us in a good mood quicker than someone complimenting our outfits. And, we're not going to lie, it feels even better when said compliment is on a cheap thrill. We feel as though we've pulled a fast one when our friends mistake our fast-fashion ankle boots for designer originals. (If you're like us, don't worry: We know how to keep a secret.) After all, an unlimited budget shouldn't be the key to enviable style.
In fact, we’ve scored some of our best fall purchases for prices that will shock you — and not in a “I paid a month’s rent for these shoes” way. For proof, click ahead to shop 55 trendy buys — plush sweaters, seasonal shirtdresses, work-ready bags, and more — under $50. Yep, we’re going for broke here…just not that kind of broke.