Hermes Birkin Bags For $1! Really!

Well, maybe. It's a bit of a long shot, but there's a chance – a dangerous, promising sliver of a whisper of a chance – that, yes, you could bring home one of the historic, coveted, nearly edible Birkin Bags for little more than a hundred pennies. NY-based Heritage Auctions is opening the brand-new, totally bookmarkable Heritage Vintage – a weekly online weekly auction of – you guessed it – vintage designer goods where the starting price of every single lot starts at only $1. The really exciting part is that each and every one of these auctions will include either a Birkin or Kelly bag among the many offerings, making it your best chance to score one at a reasonable price without – you know – resorting to crime. Keep your eyes trained on their website, because the auctions and sure to be furious bidding starts March 13. Just don't outbid us on anything, okay? We wouldn't want to have to hurt you.

Photo: Courtesy of Heritage Auctions.