Chanel Is Still Trying To Make Pants-Under-Skirts Happen, Tries Different Approach

For the past few seasons, Karl Lagerfeld has been working diligently at Chanel to try and make the pants-under-skirt look a bona-fide trend, putting slim-fit trousers under all manners of skirts, dresses, and tunics. So far, the world hasn't yet sipped from that flavor of Karl Kool-Aid, but that doesn't mean that the man is giving up. For the resort '12 collection, Karl sent hoards of outfits that feature an open-toe sandal, fabric-covered legs, and knee-length skirts down the runway. And while we technically know that those aren't pants, but rather tall sandal-boots (another unfortunate Karl creation we'll dissect some other time), the silhouette is still that body-chopping, wrinkly, tri-thoracic bug look, made even more insect-like by the monochromatic color scheme. But perhaps we're being too harsh on the man. Your thoughts—pants under skirts (or even shoes-that-look-like-pants under skirts)... yea or nay? (WWD)

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