How Celebs Fuel, Confirm & Reject Dating Rumors Through Fashion

If there's one thing so many celebrities do, it's wear their hearts on their sleeves — literally. As Beyoncé sings in “Formation:” “I'm so possessive, so I rock his Roc necklaces,” specific clothing and accessory choices have become a nod to the ways in which we break down, decipher, and obsess over a famous coupling. Over the years, tons of duos have expressed their romantic desires through everything from T-shirts to bracelets. Kim Kardashian-West has professed her love for Yeezy in more ways than one can count, while Lea Michele has worn both "Cory" and "Finn" nameplate necklaces in honor of her late boyfriend, Cory Monteith. More recently, Drake ignited rumors of a spark between he and Hailey Baldwin after he was spotted rocking a gold H around his neck that's nearly identical to the one the 19-year-old model wears. The subtle pendant obviously sent the internet into a minor “are they-aren’t they” debate over the pair’s potential trysting — something that tends to happen in an age where social media can't help but lead the charge on keeping up with the celebrity-dating world. By now, so many celebrities are in on the act of "expressing" your admiration for your significant other (or, rather, helping turn the wheels of the rumor mill) that it’s practically a go-to for anyone looking to bait the paparazzi gossip machine. Less cynically, though, it’s a grand gesture of public affection — one that's much more sensible than a tattoo that will someday have to be changed to read “Wino Forever.” Below, find celebrity pairs (past, present, and potentially future) who have used fashion to fuel, confirm, and reject dating rumors.

1. Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth


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For whatever reason, we can’t stop rooting for Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth, even though they "technically" broke up nearly three years ago. While they were an official item, however, still-associated-with-Hannah Montana Miley wore a black diamond L necklace to announce her love. Once the pair split and Miley became the woman we adore today, the necklace was nowhere to be seen — though a presumed engagement ring (and "Hemsworth" T-shirt) have made appearances on social media.

2. Drake & Hailey Baldwin

Happy birthday Kenny ??

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Consider this the accessory that launched a thousand speculations. Though Hailey Baldwin has been wearing her initial for some time now, earlier this month, she was spotted wearing it heading into a dinner date with Drake at Ysabel, a restaurant in L.A., and later to meet him at The Nice Guy for a nightcap. While the pair weren’t photographed together, Drake was seen coming out of the latter sporting the exact. Same. Necklace. 3. Gigi Hadid & Zayn Malik


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Zigi may be on-again, off-again, but that hasn’t stopped the 21-year-old model from wearing her Z-G initial necklace (or a T-shirt that reads "LOL Ur Not Zayn Malik"). Hadid was first spotted wearing the gold pendant earlier this year as a sign that the two were, indeed, engaging in some pretty serious pillow talk.

4. Kim Kardashian & Kanye West


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Kim Kardashian’s been wearing Kayne West proudly in all aspects of her wardrobe since the couple was first rumored to be dating back in 2012. It all started with a pair of KW earrings, which were the catalyst for her sister's question of whether the initials stood for “Kanye West” or “Kim West” on Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Right before the couple’s engagement, Kim was also spotted wearing a KW ring and has since donned just about every Yeezy piece. If only we could all have romantic partners that doubled at our biggest fans... 5. Lea Michele & Cory Monteith

Today... ❤

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Following Cory Monteith’s tragic passing in 2013, Lea Michele wears her “Cory” necklace (and his "Finn" necklace from Glee) in memory of her late ex-boyfriend, taking a part of him everywhere she goes. 6. Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris


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Taylor Swift has most likely since thrown her locket — a gift from Calvin Harris — into the ocean while standing on the rocks looking out to sea with her new beau, Tom Hiddleston, but it was cute while it lasted. A commemoration of the couple’s one-year anniversary, the necklace no doubt featured an adorable kissy photo inside (this is T.Swift we're talking about, after all). But since both parties have since deleted all traces of each other from social media, we're going to say confidently that these two are probably never, ever, ever getting back together.

7. Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber

"J" ring #justinbieber#selenagomez#justinsgirlfriend#jring#spingbreakers

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For years, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, who were once the world's favorite babyfaced teen couple, have been taunting us with the true status of their relationship. However, back in 2012, when the two were still very much a pair, Gomez proudly wore a diamond-encrusted J ring. Pundits wondered whether the piece was a Valentine’s gift or engagement ring from the Biebs, leaving everyone asking, “What do you mean?”

8. Khloé Kardashian & Lamar Odom

I am obsessed with my new Sarah Chloe bangles!!!! Thank you so much

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In happier times, Khloé Kardashian — preceding Kim in the initialed-jewelry love race — wore a sparkly LO (for Lamar Odom, not a broken LOL) around her neck; she also posted a gift from jewelry brand Sarah Chloe, which consisted of a bangle that had K on one end and L on the other. The couple has since been through more than most can imagine, leading Khloé to swap her necklace for a revenge body.

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