18 Crazy-Cute Buys To Celebrate Your Inner Cat Lady

Today is not your typical Wednesday: October 29 is National Cat Day. To celebrate, R29 HQ took Uber and the ASPCA up on their offer to shuttle kittens to our Manhattan offices. Our staff lined up to fawn over and play with the adorable, fluffy fur balls.
But, when our new pals departed, we were left feeling a little empty. To fill the void, we decided to go online shopping (naturally) for some feline-inspired wares. Ahead, we found 18 non-cheesy buys that satisfy our inner cat ladies — and hopefully yours, too. Claw-shaped studs, whimsical kitten tees, and whiskered shoes await you in the slideshow ahead.
For information on cat adoption and donating to end animal cruelty, visit the ASPCA website.

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