Adorable Snaps From That Time We Met The #UberKittens

This afternoon, a magical thing happened at the Refinery29 headquarters. All productivity screeched to a halt, and it was as if every cat GIF we had collectively cooed, oohed, and ahhed at when avoiding work had come to life in our office. That's right: In honor of National Cat Day today, Uber, Cheezburger, and the ASPCA teamed up to deliver real, live, impossibly adorable (and up-for-adoption!) kittens to our office for a playdate. Reactions from staff included:
"I feel so loved."
"I can't even express...the level...of feelings. I was afraid I might cry. But, I didn't."
"I'm allergic to cats, but this is 1,000 times worth it."
"Further confirmation that I will die a cat lady."
"This makes me not dislike cats!"
"I feel like I am being transported to my happy place in a hot air balloon made of joy, cuteness, and probably pizza."
According to none other than the CDC, our passion for cats has scientific support. Pets can reduce cholesterol levels and blood pressure and boost mood; some evidence even suggests that cat ownership can reduce the risk of heart attack.
Ben Huh, the founder of humor website Cheezburger — your one-stop shop for all things Internet + cat — also stopped by the office to chat with us about the power of felines. Huh started Cheezburger in 2007, and even then, he was asked whether our love for cats was just a passing cultural fad. Obviously, our obsession with them hasn't waned.
Huh is not himself a cat owner (he's allergic!), but he appreciates the web's ability to deliver cat experiences to those who, for whatever reason, don't want to deal with actually owning a cat. "The Internet really lets you keep that relationship alive," he says. What's more, "A cat can make an angry face, a funny face, and they do it expressively, and all of a sudden what you’ve got is a canvas for human emotions" — and for all of the memes, GIFs, and videos we love so well. "Cats aren't going anywhere," Huh concludes, and we'd have to agree. Click through for some of the most adorable Instagram snaps from the day, and from other memorable cat meet-and-greets.

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