16 Super-Hot Gym Essentials Sure To Brighten Up Your Workout

We get it. The weather blows right now, you can barely step outside without sinking into a giant snow mountain, and all you really want to do is snuggle up on your sofa. Which makes leaving your house for work completely unbearable, let alone escaping for anything else — including heading to the gym.
And, although it seems like nothing short of a small miracle will actually get you to that treadmill, you can do it. And, that's especially true if you have the right fitness essentials. Because, let’s be honest, those dingy, black yoga pants and tattered tees aren’t the least bit motivating. You need fun workout garb to kick your sesh into high gear.
So, we culled 16 fun, bright, super-happy (and cute!) gym clothes that’ll give you an extra push to get your bod spring-ready. Time to get physical in three, two, one…

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