5 Instagram-Approved Coats For Your Brightest Winter Yet

Believe it or not, there is a bright side to the impending cold temperatures: cheerful coats. Right now, they're still merely optional additions to your #OOTD. But, outerwear is quickly becoming a ubiquitous presence in many bloggers 'grams — and not a moment too soon, in our opinion. When you've got that perfect seasonal jacket, nothing (except, maybe, a very strong gust of wind) can stop you from showing it off. As an added bonus: These statement pieces will actually keep you warm.
So, in the weeks to come, we'll be using eye-catching toppers to brighten up the shorter days. Sure, today's temperatures are still manageable, but why not get a head start on what outerwear has to offer? Instagram's best dressed are already doing it. From ruby-red wool (which will make you easy to spot against any snow-covered landscape), to winter whites (for when you need to blend in), check out five coats we're coveting right now.