Body Chains: Rad, Bad, Or Only On Beyoncé?

Does your chain hang low? Down your ribcage, around your torso, perhaps even across your waist? We have to ask, because lately we’ve been noticing body chains creeping back onto the scene. At first, they gave us flashbacks of tacky, early-aughts music videos. After seeing them on Beyoncé, Kendall Jenner, and Rihanna, though, we’re starting to think we could learn to love ‘em — again.
But, we’re not completely sold on the trend. One minute, it looks badass. The next, embarrassing memories of shopping at Claire’s come flooding back. We’re all mixed up. If you, too, are still figuring out your feelings about the look, the nine shoppable pieces ahead might help you decide. And, once you’ve got it sorted out, let us know: Is body jewelry heinous or off the chain?
Photo: Via @beyonce.