Where To Buy That Jane Birkin-Style Basket Bag Everyone’s Been Carrying

I'll be the first to admit: This summer, I developed an abnormal obsession with basket bags. Every week or two, I waltz into the office with a new straw or raffia option, ranging from an itty-bitty, handheld number to a full-blown straw tote. And I'm not alone. This summer, baskets of all shapes and sizes have cropped up on Instagram, accompanying everything from gingham dresses and jorts to graphic tees and high-waisted bathing suits. Still, despite my endless searches on Etsy, eBay, and beyond, it took me over three months to finally find a piece that would do Jane Birkin proud.
Recently, the Birkin Basket by Blooming Dreamer caught my attention, feeding into that so-vintage feel I was going for. It's similar in aesthetic to the Little Doe made-in-Portugal bag that's become a favorite of the fashion set, as Who What Wear pointed out (but which is repeatedly sold out). Yet this basket has a major perk: It's about half the price of the Little Doe version. Sure, $150 is still a lot to spend on a basket, but I've searched high and low for basically this exact bag, so it's a price I'm willing to pay to end the hunt for good.
Why not pull a Birkin and trade your everyday black bag for something that looks (and feels) a little lighter? Click on to shop the piece for yourself and see how some of your favorite style influencers are using (and wearing) theirs.
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