Blackheads Begone: A Guide

For many of us with oily or combination skin, blackheads are a cruel, unjust reality. They are truly to your face what the Kardashians are to popular culture: ALL over the place and totally uninvited. The origins of blackheads are innocuous enough. They’re simply caused by excess oils that have accumulated in a widened hair follicle. But, the upkeep and extractions to keep that oil and skin debris from forming its natural habitat in your pores can feel like a full-time job.
Plus, there are so many items on the market that promise to magically eradicate them, when anyone who’s afflicted can tell you that precious few actually do the job. So, we tested the best blackhead busters on the market and spoke to some skin-care experts to glean the goods on how to score the facial equivalent of a Roto Rooter. Quash those blackhead innards now with these skin-care essentials and tips.

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