Shop Legit Hermès Online — Or, Just Dream About It…

There are a few splurges that we're willing to go to great lengths for. We're talking ramen for months, canceling the cable, and reading by cell phone light....
That kind of scrimping and saving is no walk in the park, but we'll go there for something extra special that we've been fantasizing about. And one of the ultimate luxury labels with just such major dream tickets: Hermès.
Forget shady URLs and questionable vendors, Moda Operandi has made it possible to purchase the real, legal, and drop-dead gorgeous handbags that will stick around in your closet for years and years to come — online.
Until August 27, shop one of the most exciting vintage sales made possibly by MO heritage auctions. Kelly, Birkin, Constance — the gang's all here, and in everything from classic black croc to flaming, bright hues. With five- and six-figure price tags, the bags may not be flying off the e-shelves, but they will certainly not be sticking around forever.
Take a minute to flip through all the selections still up for grabs on the site (remember: there's only one of each), and then go ahead and dream (or make the splurge, if you've been a really champion scrimper over the years) of owning your very own piece of Hermès history.
Photo: Courtesy of Moda Operandi

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