It's Time To Embrace The "Football" Sleeve (It's Not What You Think)

We know, summer isn't really the time to be thinking about sleeves. Things are heating up, and we're getting to the point where anything with more fabric than necessary ends up looking like a total sweat trap. Still, there's a trend creeping in to all of usual shopping haunts that we can only see getting bigger and more popular come fall — so it's time to start getting used to it now.
Now, before you shrug off (what we're calling) "football" sleeves as yet-another sign of the '80s fashion revival, the good news is that shoulder pads aren't necessarily required for this iteration: These rounded balloon sleeves tend to be made of fabrics that hold shape on their own. Plus, we think this silhouette looks chic, modern, and sophisticated — not like it was pulled out of a time capsule.
While "football" sleeves may not totally catch on until September or October, we love how these tops and dresses look right now with some slides and a basket bag. Click on get acquainted (and shop!) the look before it's everywhere, and remember: You have months to come around to the puffy-shouldered concept.