Math Says This Is The Absolute Best V-Neck Tee You Can Buy

You've caught yourself saying that you must have a lot of items, most of which have hilariously short lifespans (seriously — when's the last time you wore those mint-green skinny jeans?). Hyperbole aside, there's a small group of pieces that we can't live without, and that includes a really good, really flattering, really solid white V-neck T-shirt.
What makes a perfect V-neck perfect? For one, the neckline has to be low, but not raunchy (or not so high that it looks like you missed the bus to T-ball practice). The fit has to be slouchy, but not boxy, and the sleeves need to come down far enough on your bicep where it looks fancy, not frumpy. The material needs to be heavyweight enough to be opaque, but still feel soft and silky against your skin. The length needs to be long enough to tuck in all the way to high waists, and quarter-tuck into mid-rises. As for a breast pocket? You could go without, but we're pro-pocket here.
If your head is swimming, that's alright — this kind of Holy Grail isn't easy to come by, and when you've found The One like we have, you want to share.
Using Rank & Style's algorithm, we were psyched to see that it was Alexander Wang's classic T-shirt that fashion editors and consumers carried a torch for (its win was clinched on the shirt being a best-seller, solid user reviews, and industry buzz). It's definitely on the pricey end for a plain white tee (it retails right now for $85) but we routinely see these on sale racks across the country, if you have the patience to wait. Still not willing to drop more than a $20? Thankfully, Rank & Style's #2 pick comes in at just $15 (click here to scoop it, and here to see the rest of the list).
Once you've got one, your options for styling are nearly endless, but we love the idea of extending the tomboyishness, and pairing the V with varsity jackets, menswear-inspired shoes, and track pants — or, you could flip it the other way and wear it under slip dresses, tucked into A-line skirts, or knotted with a high-waist short.
In case you want to see it styled in other ways, we've rounded up all the places you can pick up this particular tee, and maybe replace the almost-perfect version that you've already got in your closet.