30 Sandals To Wear With Socks Now —& Solo Come Spring

It wasn't too long ago that the words “socks and sandals” brought grandpa and dopey tourists to our minds. Now, we’ve replaced those thoughts with images of actual cool girls. Sure, we might be into this trend for its ugly-chic appeal, but we like it even more for its functionality: The only way you can wear your sandals year-round is by adding socks. We’d be lying if we said it's easy to find the right pair of sock-worthy sandals. So, we went ahead and found the 30 best pairs out there. Whether you’re looking to wear 'em with sheer stockings, chunky wool socks, something patterned, or your good-old athletic socks, these picks will help you pull it off. And hey, let's not forget that all 30 will surely stand on their own come March, too.

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