Where To Get Dinner In Montauk This Summer

Photo: Getty Images.
Come Memorial Day weekend, it seems like every New Yorker and their extended group of friends makes the great escape down the Long Island Expressway and out to the Hamptons. Suddenly, our Instagram feeds are filled with delicious foods, beach views, and epic day-to-night parties just feet away from the ocean. We're ready to hop on the next Jitney just thinking about it.
The latest hot spot? Montauk, the beach-y hideaway at the east end of Long Island. Montauk boasts the buzzy Hamptons energy we know and love, but offers a chiller, more laid-back vibe. There's something for everyone, whether you're looking for day drinking and bonfires on the beach or a five-course meal with a view.
The best part of Montauk? Quite possibly the restaurants, which range from hidden drive-ins to eats right on the beach to a party on your plate. Keeping reading to see our favorite eats under the Montauk sun.

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