I Hope Mom Jeans Never Go Away

Remember when skinny jeans kind-of fell off the trend cycle and every brand started started widening the leg and hiking up the hemlines? Well, I'm crossing my fingers that never happens to mom jeans.
Everyone has the denim silhouette that works for them (and if yours is skinny jeans, so be it) — but mine is the mom-jean, all the way. The high-waist — and subsequently perky bum — and often-cropped length creates the ideal cut for my petite 5'1" frame, and mom jeans go with everything from crop tops and tanks to tunics and tees. Each variation serves its own purpose: The black version is for going out, while the white ones are perfect for wearing with a bathing suit or tube top in the summertime. That's why, when I recently had to move apartments and narrow down my closet, jeans were the toughest thing to pick and choose — because I've found the silhouette that works for me, and I never want to let them go.
For a purchase that's good for both your wallet and your bum, click on to shop the best mom jean picks on the market right now. Then join me in asking the Denim Gods to please, just, never stop putting them into the zeitgeist.