7 Spring Buys That Are Major Confidence Boosters

'Tis the season to burn your puffer coats — well, not literally, but put those puppies in storage and let your sun-starved skin bask in a much-needed dose of vitamin D. As we all let out a collective squee to welcome the new season, it's only fitting that we celebrate by flaunting the parts of our figure that have been in hiding the last five months. In other words, let your shoulders catch some rays and give your ankles a little room to breathe, because your spring wardrobe is officially in.
In the spirit of that renewed sense of confidence we all feel this time of year, we talked to seven Refinery29ers about the assets they're most looking forward to highlighting this season. Using new arrivals from Macy's Thalia line, created exclusively for Macy's, we then searched for the perfect silhouette to emphasize their favorite feature. From a cinched jumpsuit that works for petite gals to a peplum top that can add the illusion of curves to a more boyish frame, take a look at the confidence boosters R29ers are co-signing ahead.

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