The Best-Fitting Jeans For YOUR Butt

Butts: We all have them, and lately they've become a hot topic of conversation. Here at R29 HQ, we cherish derrieres of all shapes and sizes — and, we're all about flaunting the curves Mother Nature gave us (wherever they may be). We also cherish getting our hands on the perfect pair of jeans, which means something different for everyone. A go-to pair of denim — one that flatters you in all the right places — has a way of instantly elevating your look and attitude.
Maybe you're not 100% sure which styles and fits — flared, skinny, bootcut, etcetera — are going to give your rear the most bang for its buck. Well, school is officially in session: We enlisted denim-fit experts from DL1961, Genetic, Joe's, Mother, and Paige to break down six common butt types and the best pairs of jeans to shop for each. Click ahead for the ultimate guide. Bum's the word.
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Butt Type: Bubble
Take a look at your backside in the mirror: If your butt is round all the way around, then you've got a bubble butt. Your derriere likely has a very full shape, and will be best complemented in dark-wash skinnies in a stretchy fabric or boyfriend jeans. Flares aren’t out of the question, either. Mother designer and co-founder Tim Kaeding suggests, “mid-rise skinny jeans in a clean wash and with minimal details on the back pockets.” He explains that low-rise denim could potentially reveal more than you’d like when you're sitting or bending down.

Paige co-founder and creative director Paige Adams-Geller echoes Kaeding, adding, “darker indigo washes or black denim (with no hand sanding) will help in balancing your proportions.” Adams-Geller also suggests a boyfriend jean for anyone who prefers to downplay their assets. Oversized silhouettes might seem counterintuitive for women with shapely rears, but, she explains, "the looser legs of the jean will actually shift the focus off your tush."
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3x1's amazingly stretchy indigo denim is calling your name.
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— PAID —

Thanks to a darker indigo wash and fabric that hugs and contours your body, this is one of the most flattering pairs of jeans we've tried.

Gap Mid Rise Sculpt True Skinny Jeans, $99, available at Gap.
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Topshop Dree Released Hem Flare Jeans, $75 $36.99, available at Nordstrom.
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Butt Type: Flat
Flat-butted women (very official terminology, people) have rears that are, well, flat. The key to jean shopping is searching out styles that help better define your butt region (or lack thereof, in this case). Adams-Geller recommends choosing "denim that has pockets with details, like zippers and welts, that add extra thickness to the back pocket." Look for sanding on the butt of the jean, she adds: “The sanding acts as a highlighter and gives the illusion of volume.”

Higher rises will also “promote the idea of a fuller silhouette, since they cinch in at your natural waist,” Kaeding says.
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The light sanding and pocket details on the butt of the jean creates a highlighting effect.

GRLFRND Karolina High-Rise Skinny Jean, $248, available at Revolve.
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Sanding? Check. High-rise fit? Double check.

BDG High-Rise Straight + Narrow Jean - Spliced, $79, available at Urban Outfitters.
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Butt Type: Low
“If you have a low butt, try lifting and separating the cheeks a bit,” Adams-Geller says. “A jean that acts like a butt bra will do the trick.” How's that for a mental image? The point she's getting at is that low butts can sometimes benefit from a little boost.

Fabric choice actually plays a more important role for this butt type than for others. DL1961 creative director Sarah Ahmed advises “steer[ing] clear of fabric that will sag out with wear.” Instead, she adds, “look for denim with less stretch and a little more structure” — this will help with lift.

Other details, like contoured waistbands and pockets, are also worth considering here. Adams-Geller continues, “I would also recommend a jean that has wash-detailing at the top of the pockets or right above them to help draw the eye up. Pocket placement is critical: Ideally, you want the bottom of the pocket to sit where the cheek meets the thigh.”
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This bottom-pocket situation is right on the money.

AMO Twist Skinny Ankle Jeans, $249, available at Shopbop.
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“The new Vixen fit would be perfect for women in this category, because it has a contoured waistband that lifts and shapes the backside with gravity-defying fabric,” says Joe Dahan, founder and creative director of Joe's Jeans.
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"DL1961's revolutionary fabrics DLX and dlpro have 98% retention rates, so your jeans won't ever sag, bag, or lose shape," Ahmed says.

DL1961 Florence Instasculpt Skinny, $188, available at DL1961.
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The straight leg (not quite tapered!) adds a little extra width around your ankles for a more balanced proportion.

Mother Rascal, $205, available at Mother.
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Butt Type: Wide
Your widest measurement is around your butt and hip region. You might assume styles that are roomier around the hips and more tapered around the leg and calf are your best bet — and they’re a great option for your shape — but, you certainly shouldn't feel limited to just one jean style. Adams-Geller and Kaeding both suggest experimenting with flares and boot cuts: “The extra volume at the bottom can add balance to your body’s proportions,” Adams-Geller explains.

Consider keeping your back-pocket situation minimal. Genetic’s founder and creative director Ali Fatourechi suggests staying away from oversized pockets. "The cleaner, the better," she says.
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"The Coco fit is great for girls who have a little more booty to love," Ahmed says.
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Butt Type: Triangle
Triangle-shaped butts are widest where your hips meet your thighs. “I would go for a low-rise or boyfriend jean that hangs from your hip-bone area,” Adams-Geller recommends. “The lower rise will broaden the look of your higher hip, and offer the illusion of straighter hips.” Similarly, a wide-leg jean will complement the fullness of your bum. Paired with heels or a wedge, flares will elongate the line of your legs.

If you're opting for more tapered denim, you may want to think strategically about pocket placement. Look for pockets that are set high toward the waist of the jean; this draws focus up from your thighs toward center of your bum.
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Let the jeans sit low on your hip; the shorter rise is flattering for triangle-shaped bums.

AG Ex Boyfriend Slim Jeans $135, available at Nordstrom.
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The high set pockets draw attention towards the center of the create a smaller illusion.

Topshop Boutique Frayed Waist Super Wide Leg Jeans, $110, available at Nordstrom.
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Butt Type: No Butt
So what if you have a less-endowed backside than others? Embrace it! The designers we talked to all seem to agree that high rises and flares are great options for this butt type. “A high-rise jean that sits above your hips and hugs your waist is a great way to mimic curves,” Ahmed says. Genetic’s Fatourechi agrees: “A high-rise flare is a great option for girls looking to accentuate and lift their butt.”

Adams-Geller adds that the same details she suggests for flat butts will work here, too. “I like the idea of very vintage washes. The more washed-down the denim on the derriere, the better!” Since you’re not worried about over-emphasizing your rear, unexpected washes, rinses, and other details are all welcome.
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Throw caution to the wind and apply all the sanding and pocket details you want to your look.

Denim x Alexander Wang No After Party Cult Straight Jean, $295, available at Revolve.
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High-waisted and cropped? This might be your new summer go-to.

BDG High-Rise Straight + Narrow Jean, $79, available at Urban Outfitters.
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We can really get behind these pockets from American Eagle.

AEO Denim X4 Kick Boot Jean, $44.95 $19.99, available at American Eagle.
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At the end of the day, jeans should make you feel good. Buy what you love!

AG Jeans The Ex-Boyfriend Slim, $215 $129, available at AG Jeans.

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