11 Hair-Removal Products That Actually Work

It's no secret that beauty routines add up. After the $300 highlights and $100 facials, we're broke by the time we get to our monthly wax. And when those bank alerts roll in, our hair-removal appointment is always the first to go — especially because a) it hurts like hell and b) there are so many at-home methods we can do ourselves for a fraction of the price.
Sure, you don’t need to be hairless to live your best life, but if you prefer to be, you shouldn't have to pay a fortune to eliminate the itchy stubble either. Luckily, there are a wide range of hair-removal products that you can use from the comfort of your own bathroom — without making you late on your rent check.
Whether you want to bleach your peach fuzz, take it all off from head to toe, or simply maintain what Mother Nature gave you, these tools are guaranteed to get the job done. Ahead, the hair-removal innovations that don't totally break the bank.
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Waxing beginners will revel in the ease of these ready-to-use strips that won't make you scream, "Kelly Clarkson!" Bonus: Every kit comes with soothing, post-wax cloths that reduce redness and swelling.
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Shaving our legs is still the fastest, most pain-free way to defuzz. But if you don’t invest in a decent razor, you’ll wind up with ingrown hairs — no thanks. This drugstore buy features three flexible blades that hug your contours so you don’t tear up your skin. As added protection, the “comfort shield” head evenly distributes pressure, and lubricating vitamin E and aloe strips ensure you get the silkiest shave, ever... even if you only have minutes to spare before slipping into that bathing suit.
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Hair-inhibiting lotions are to shaving what tinted moisturizers are to self-tanners: Essentially, they maintain what you've been consistently working for, and in this case, that's being hairless from the neck down. Smooth this $10 lotion from head-to-toe after each shave and, eventually, that 5 o'clock shadow on your underarms will disappear.
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Bottom line: Laser hair removal is expensive as hell. What's more, it requires appointment after appointment to make sure your hair stays away forever. But if your calendar is packed even before you factor in these treatments, you might want to consider opting to do it all at home.

This option from Braun (which isn't cheap, but does cost less than the typical price for six pro sessions) works by utilizing light-energy technology to inhibit hair growth at the follicle. With regular sessions, you’ll start to see a reduction in hair growth within a few weeks. After you’ve reached your goal, you can continue to use it for touch-ups where necessary.
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Chemical depilatories have come a long way, and thankfully fewer and fewer of them have that rotten-egg smell. This gel cream works in as little as three minutes to dissolve the hair, coming even closer to the root than a razor. Better still, sensitive skin will benefit from the aloe vera, so redness won't be a problem.
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At-home waxing is beneficial for one major reason: You can yelp in pain, alone — not at the hands of a French esthetician charging you $70. This formula is spa-grade, so it's the same stuff you'd find from a pro in a Bliss location, just less expensive and easy to use on your own. Thanks to the chamomile and low-temp wax, you shouldn't be screaming too much.
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If you can't quit your longtime love for good old shaving cream, go for this moisturizing formula that's less than $4. Not only does it provide 24 hours of hydration post-shave, but you can even use it on dry legs if time is of the essence.
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If you waxed your legs right before your beach vacay, make sure you slip a few of these hair-inhibiting gel wipes in your bag to keep things fuzz-free and hydrated throughout your entire trip.
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If waxing, shaving, and laser hair removal aren't exactly right for you, consider this (slightly) pain-free electronic epilator. It removes hair in one single pass and uses massaging rollers to ease the discomfort of quick hair plucking.
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Providing you use a proper razor, it is possible to shave your bikini line without worrying about red bumps and irritation. And, by proper, we don’t mean the freebies in the gym locker room. This under-$15 option has five blades and adjusts to all your curves and hard-to-reach spots, so you’re promised a smoother shave.
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Instead of shaving it all off, you can also manage hair down there with this bikini trimmer. Thanks to the 5mm comb, you can groom the length of the hair you want to keep after using the metal blade to trim where you prefer.

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