This $9 Razor Brand Is Changing The Way We Talk About Body Hair

Photo Courtesy of Billie.
When you're a female consumer, you pay more than men do on beauty products. (7 percent more, according to the most recent report by New York City's Consumer Affairs.) This is more commonly known as the Pink Tax —and we're not the only ones who think it's bullshit. Just ask Billie.
The subscription-based service mails reasonably-priced razors right to your door every month, two months, or three months — Pink Tax-free. Your first order includes a Billie razor handle, a magnetic holder, and two blade cartridges. From there, the brand continues to send you four more cartridges at a time — for $9 flat, and no extra shipping fees.
Now, the grooming company is taking it a step further for its female fans. From the beginning, the brand's advertisements never shamed women into being hairless from the neck down. And to make that message crystal-clear, it just launched a new campaign that actually shows hair, fuzz, and stubble — a first for an industry that typically features commercials of women shaving already smooth legs. Enter: Billie's Project Body Hair.
Photo Courtesy of Billie.
Directed and shot by photographer Ashley Armitage, Project Body Hair showcases beautiful images of women with hair, well, everywhere: underarms, legs, happy trails, toes, the mons pubis. For Armitage, who's long been fighting for better representation of women through her work, the partnership was a natural fit. In fact, the photographer has already made headlines in the past for her Instagram movement to embrace pubic hair. "The beauty industry has typically celebrated hairless, glossy, airbrushed women," says Armitage. "Our goal was to push against these stereotypes and not only show women with body hair but do it in a super beautiful and celebratory way."
Armitage chose a diverse cast of women — some who shave everything, some who shave nothing, and some who shave some parts and not others — to get real about what female body hair actually looks like. So where does a razor brand fit into all this? For Billie, it's about putting women first, and letting the product take a backseat. "However, whenever, if ever you want to shave, we'll be here," the brand writes. And that's just the way it should be.
Photo Courtesy of Billie.

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