5 eBay Search Terms To Bookmark Right Now

After the rush of sending presents and traveling, we started to have a bit more time on our hands. Some may spend it snowboarding or catching up with Netflix, but we thought we'd perfect our favorite online competitive sport: eBay thrifting.
It's easy to make hours disappear when you're scrolling though a slew of vintage pieces and hunting down a sartorial needle in an e-haystack. In the spirit of indulging your eBay obsession and saving time for the movies, the outdoors, and all other joys of vacation, we've narrowed down the search for you. Or, rather, our very own editor-in-chief (and resident thrift whisperer) Christene Barberich has filled us in on five eBay search terms that could just dig up gold.
Including suggestions for hard-to-come-by vintage designers and soon-to-be-huge-again '70s trends, the keywords ahead are some of CB's current favorites. Memorize 'em, bookmark 'em, and watch them like a hawk. It's possible they could lead you right to your best vintage scores of 2015.
We've done some initial digging around to see what's available on eBay right now, but the beauty is that the site's offerings are always changing and growing. Just remember to move swiftly on what you love, and scroll smarter to make the most of your downtime.

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